The Thing Remastered Edition User Review

  • raduv1
    Arrow nails The Thing
    Review of The Thing Remastered Edition Blu-ray by raduv1, Nov 4, 2017.
    In a world of UHD HDR and WCG With all its bells and whistles and what not . Standard BD remasters such as this Arrow The Thing release still proves and has a significant place for home cinema and then some.

    Everything feels spot on with this release as it has much more detail than the SF release and a more natural colour pallete in regards to the Universal release that was way out. The soundstage on this Arrow release is maybe more of a big deal than the PQ . It really is such a big upgrade that I did not expect but thoroughly enjoyed.

    The film itself benefits from both visual and audio upgrades with the ( still ) impressive practical effects and even more impressive soundstage .it only adds to that oppressve isolation , mis trust and fear that the film draws so heavily upon. It still finds time to have some wicked black humour even in the most gory of scenes that entertains on every level . Much like Jaws i love the charecter interaction that feels natural in relation to the film and even the most tense of scenes .

    Its not only a great bit of sci fi but also a great bit of horror , only thing ( yup :) ) that comes close would be Alien so high praise indeed . JC on top form with a great cast and an iconic score = must have .

    Film 10
    PQ , 9
    Sound , 9
    This item was purchased for £25.00 Steel book. from HMV in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great looking Steel Book
    • Currently the go to example of the film


    • Nout



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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