Arcam AVR750 User Review

  • Damian1978
    Arcam returns to form!
    Review of Arcam AVR750 AV Receiver by Damian1978, Apr 11, 2015.
    First review for the site so bare with me.

    Simply put this one of Arcam's finest products and the best AVR I've ever owned!

    If you are expecting the bells and whistles of your Yamaha, Pioneer or Onkyo flagship receivers then you may leave dissapointed.

    However, if your priority is for pure simple audio performance with solid stability then look no further.

    Until Arcam brought out the A49 2 channel amp I'd not heard a cleaner presentation of music than this.

    I owed an Arcam AVR350 and 3 AVR600's before this but am still amazed at the presentation this amp can deliver.

    Out of the box the smaller dimensions and 9kg less weight compared to the AVR600 got my worried.

    However, build quality was spot on. No marks, well finished panels and very solid gold plated speaker terminals. 7.1 channel in.

    Personally not a deal breaker and the multichannel performance via HDMI and SPDIF is great.

    I currently run my Arcam UDP411 via its 2 channel RCA connection. Musical performance is brilliant. This amp goes low and is very dynamic and not brash even at high dB levels.

    Multichannel via HDMI sounds lovely. This amp is so dynamic yet subtle at the same time. Drives my KEF R series perfectly.

    Not had any of the HDMI bugs, locking, crashing or overheating of the former AVR series.

    Its got limited networking but is quite good via the Arcam app for iOs.

    My iPod sounds great via the USB too!
    This item was purchased for 4000 from Peter Tyson in 2013. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Audiophile AV and music performance.
    • Just works and works well
    • Build quality
    • Love the different front panel design


    • More basic compared to its peers
    • Basic room correction
    • No 7.1 analogue in
    • No DSD support

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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