PURE Jongo 2015 User Review

  • PVL
    Anything but easy to connect but sounds great
    Review of PURE Jongo 2015 Hi-Fi Speaker by PVL, Jul 22, 2015.
    Apologies if this is a bit long!

    I have a Jongo T6 and I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the quality of the sound it produces, including the volume. I can also say that their online customer support service, particularly ‘Trevor’ from Bangalore, is absolutely fantastic.

    I should know, sadly.

    When I first bought the Jongo from PC World I imagined it was basically like a normal speaker but instead of using a wire, you connect things to it via your WIFI. I told them specifically what I wanted to do and they said I could do it: play Spotify wirelessly from my laptop using my WIFI. You can’t.

    So for almost a year I used it with a wire between my wireless speaker and my laptop, which I thought was quite amusing but a bit annoying having shelled out the best part of £200.

    Then I bought a smartphone so decided to have another bash. Again no luck when I tried to connect – the Jongo just flashed amber and wouldn’t even work with a wire. I contacted [email protected] and immediately ‘Trevor’ was there to help me. He told me to upgrade the Jongo software by downloading it from their site, unzipping it, putting it on a memory stick and then plugging that into the speaker. That worked – the light went green and I was once more able to play music when connected by wire to my laptop.

    So I then tried again to play music from the Spotify app on my iPhone using my WIFI. You can’t. The only way you can use WIFI is if you play music via their rubbish and subscription-based Pure App. The only way you can play Spotify is via Bluetooth. At least that’s all I’ve figured out – if anyone knows better please tell me!

    After further help from Trevor (and a summer holiday) I finally managed to connect my iPhone via Bluetooth. However, it played for about 2 seconds and then would drop out for about 10 seconds, so pretty useless. Trevor was there for me again and he arranged to replace the Jongo. I must say that their replacement service is excellent. No quibble, very easy to send/receive and very fast. Maybe because they have so many customers?

    The new one arrived and I managed to navigate through the connection process relatively easily, with a bit more help from Trevor. And hey presto! I had high quality sound coming from my Jongo via the Spotify app on my iPhone using Bluetooth.

    But wait a minute… The power connection at the back is really wobbly, like there’s something broken on the inside. Trevor!! Once again he arranged a replacement and I had my third Jongo within a couple of days. The power connection was solid – so far so good. I went through the set-up process and guess what – it just sat there flashing amber, just like Jongo #1. Trevor!! Guess the solution – upgrade the software. So I went through the same process as before with the memory stick and everything then went ok. So I’m back being able to play music via the Spotify app on my iPhone using Bluetooth.

    My summary? It’s odd that Pure’s USP is ease of set-up. Believe me, if you are not tec-savvy (which you have probably gathered I’m not) then this can be anything from straightforward. There’s a lot to be said for a wire…..

    On the plus side it does sound great, the replacement service is excellent and dear ‘Trevor’ in Bangalore was fantastic. Happy Spotifying…….
    This item was purchased for £180 from PC World in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Sound
    • Customer support service
    • Replacement service


    • Anything to do with connecting!

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