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  • longjohn8
    Android YouView disaster for Sony
    Review of Sony Android TV Smart TV System by longjohn8, Jan 16, 2017.
    YouView may well be available now on Sony Android TVs - but what is not made clear is that it cripples some of the TV's built in functions and YouView itself does not match the facilities it has on say a BT or Humax box.

    Firstly, enabling Youview disables the built in Satellite tuner on these Sony Android TVs - Why?

    Secondly, it disables recording via USB and also blocks access to any recordings made up to the time YouView was enabled - This makes no sense whatsoever. YouView on Android has NO recording capabilities even though the base hardware does.

    This all combined with a very 'buggy' Android systems that needs constant rebooting to maintain all facilities and often spontaneously reboots of its own accord. All in all, a very substandard experience which does not compare well to the 'smart' operating systems on the newer Panasonic, Samsung and LG TVs.
    This item was purchased from Richer Sounds in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Good Picture
    • Good range of 'smart' apps


    • Very buggy Android system
    • YouView implementation incomplete and cripples existing hardware functions

    Ease of Use


    Media Playback Quality


    Applications - Software


    Applications - Hardware


    VOD Features


    Social Networking


    Web Browsing


    Voice and Motion Controls


    EPG/PVR Features



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