Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • raduv1
    An Old Friend Awakens.
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by raduv1, Dec 17, 2015.
    I stayed away as much I could from the Star Wars forums because I wanted to go into this as blind as I could be.

    From the opening scrolling text I was hooked once more , but would it deliver ?. Did anyone notice that the disney logo was absent from the start ?

    So did it deliver ? For me it ticked all the right boxes and although it is a transitional film JJ does it with love and more care than even its creator could of dreamed of. The old guard are on hand and Harrison shines once again but the new cast that really deliver the goods.

    Daisy steals the show for me as Rey as shes a scrapper in time honoured SW fashion , strong but vulnerable. John Boyega as Finn with a crisis of conscience has his own demons to heal and grows throughout the film. Kylo Ren with serious anger management issues does seem to be pulled straight from Harry Potter for me and I reseve judgement on this charecor . The chemistry between Rey and Finn though is really good , excellent in fact and BB8 has as much personallity if not more than R2.

    The plot, well its standerd SW fare in the OT tradition and it looks bloody good doing it . I could say that it actually is OTT on the action stakes and moves from set piece to set piece without time for story or plot lines. This is the essence of Star Wars for me and anything more would be wasted .

    Wasted, JW score seems really lacking in presence and at times non existent.

    After all these long years this film is the best SW film since Empire for me and I love it for taking me back to that time in my life.


    • captures the magic.
    • a bright future with great charectors.


    • missing a great score


    • Peter Parker
      I had the same thoughts about the lackluster Williams score - even Sith had a better score than this and for me I think that was the most disappointing part of the movie. I hope he ramps it up for the next ones.

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