Steljes Audio NS3 User Review

  • Daffydude
    Amazing value
    Review of Steljes Audio NS3 All-In-One Hi-Fi System by Daffydude, Dec 18, 2016.
    Vocals and acoustic instruments sound particularly nice and for most genres of music they give a nice warm sound. The discounted price makes them affordable for people like me who are on a low budget. They would also be useful for people who already have a decent hifi system but want something they can easily move and use around the house. In other words a decent utility speaker that produces a sound pleasing enough for you to enjoy. Even with my untrained ears I can hear the limitations of them but they are still worth every penny. I could list limitations as cons but I feel it's a bit pointless given the price.
    This item was purchased for 129 from Zavvi in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Affordable
    • Warm sound
    • Vocals and acoustic instruments sound great
    • Look nice (artizan blue)
    • Can easily be moved around the house to connect with a variety of devices.


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