XTZ Cinema Series 5.1 System User Review

  • DrGekko
    Amazing value without compromise
    Review of XTZ Cinema Series 5.1 System Speaker by DrGekko, Jan 26, 2016.
    After reading much praiseworthy reviews from current owners and online av publications, I purchased this set to use in our current TV lounge. Having unpackaged them, they seemed uncannily very similar to MKSound S150 MkII speakers which I owned before in a dedicated cinema room, in terms of the solid cabinets, the stacked tweeters (in this case, a 2x2 array) and similar bulk, although more oblong rather than cubed. They were purchased to replace my previous MKSound MP7 on-wall speakers as I wanted something more powerful for watching movies, particularly those requiring extra dynamics in action scenes and for speech clarity and detail from the centre channel. My first impressions were that these were too large and bulky for on-wall speakers for lounges and really would suit a dedicated theatre where they could be hidden and placed behind an AT screen or on stands alongside a display panel. But as time has progressed, my family and I have become used to their size. In my setup, I'm still using the Onkyo 818 AVR and I know they can perform better with increased power. I'm also using a pair of MKSound V12 subs (which are excellent) and MKSound tripole surrounds (which I may replace in future to "match" together more for psychological reasons rather than performance).

    In terms of how they perform - they're a delight. In fact they're very similar in performance to the S150MkIIs but what is incredible is the price. I really don't think you can get anywhere near this quality and performance at this price point and you would have to spend significantly more to start noticing stark differences.

    They're also very well designed in that each speaker is slightly directed towards the listening position once mounted.

    Overall I'm very pleased and it's refreshing to see a company produce quality at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.
    This item was purchased for £1800 from Epic Home Cinema in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Amazing value
    • Solid build quality and attentive functional design
    • Dynamic & detailed


    • Quite bulky as on-wall solution
    • Aesthetically questionable for WAF

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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    • kbfern
      Nice to see they have bedded in now DrG and that they more than satisfy your expectations.:smashin:

      As you say incredible value so no need to pay over the odds these days to get a top quality sound.:thumbsup:
    • DrGekko
      @kbfern Hi - indeed, it's great to achieve such performance at this price point and it certainly opens up the market and improves competition. Of course there's never a need to pay over the odds but there's always room for improvement - however the law of diminishing returns proves costly. No one ever needs a Ferrari but if you can afford one, why not? ;)
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