Despicable Me 2 User Review

  • MagnusNikon
    Amazing transfer! Dolby Vision.
    Review of Despicable Me 2 UHD Blu-ray by MagnusNikon, Jun 17, 2017.
    These "Despicable Me" movies is my favourite animated titles. Despicable Me 2 on UHD is finally here with Dolby Vision and apart from being a charming and fun movie, the transfer is amazing.

    The colors, HDR and sharpness with Dolby Vision really pops out on my LG Oled E6 65 inch, spinning with Oppo UDP-203. Off course it would be unfare to say that Dolby Vision is much better than HDR10 based on one animated title. (Most animated movie looks good anyway). But i must say this title looks better than most of my HDR10 titles. Despicable Me 2 looks fantastic immediately with one of my three presettings on my LG Oled for Dolby Vision. I used "Dolby Vision dark" on my TV. Unlike HDR10 i don't need to change settings on my tv to get the picture i like. But it is at the same time hard to tell the real difference with only one title with DV i own and tested.

    On my Oppo UDP-203 i can't change "picture settings" while i play the movie and the Oppo is "stucked" to Dolby Vision mode unlike with HDR10 and 1080p. But as i wrote earlier, no need to change the picture settings because it looks fantastic at it is with the tv presettings.

    I highly recommend this title if you own the equipment to play Dolby Vision it is reference material title.
    This item was purchased for £27 from Discshop in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Dolby Vision
    • Reference picture quality
    • Charming and fun movie


    • Maybe the first one was a tiny bit better



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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