Q Acoustics BT3 User Review

  • TheCrystalGipsy
    Amazing little package
    Review of Q Acoustics BT3 Hi-Fi Speaker by TheCrystalGipsy, Apr 27, 2018.
    Just bought myself some of these on the strength of reviews around the web. Have to say I dont regret it they are a super speaker for the price and sit proud in my second hifi system. Got the red ones for £185 direct from QAcoustics. Sound very good with my irDAC ii plugged into them feeding it Roon via Raspberry Pi and Spotify via Chromecast Audio. The inbuilt DAC is ok but a little shrill for my tastes. Analogue stage though is great full of detail and more bass than I would expect for their size. Excellent value for money overall. If your on a budget and want an active system look no further.
    This item was purchased for £185 from Qacoustics in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Excellent Sound Quality, detailed with lots of bass
    • Rock sold build quality
    • Lots of interconnects provided
    • Value for money
    • easy to setup


    • Not keen on the 2nd line in stopping the other from working.
    • Internal DAC a little shrill but very adequate for the price.
    • Remote is a bit naff
    • Lacks USB in

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


    Ease of Use




    Value for Money



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