Dr Terror's House of Horrors Steelbook User Review

  • Coz22998
    All aboard....next stop.....Terror.....mwa ha ha ha!
    Review of Dr Terror's House of Horrors Steelbook Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 15, 2016.
    This is like a warm hug from your best cinematic friend. While this portmanteau of 5 'chillers' aren't exactly the scariest things you'll ever see, it just exudes a certain kind of charm that for me certainly leaves a huge grin on the face.

    Talk about eclectic casting - legends Cushing and Lee sit alongside Donald Sutherland, Roy Castle and Alan 'Fluff' Freeman (seriously!!!) as a group of passengers on a train journey where each of the five men have their tarot cards read by Cushing's mysterious doctor (great accent Peter!!!!). The first two stories are naff (Scottish werewolves and a killer plant!) but things pick up when we get to tales of voodoo and a jazz band, a disembodied hand and vampires. The wrap around story is probably far more effective than any of the stories themselves, but really that's not the point with these. The point is that this is a pure nostalgia trip for me - even though I'd never see this before, seeing those actors, the style of film, it's just perfect. I really liked this as a great romp filled with so much randomness (stories, actors, there's just so much going on!!!!!) that it's difficult not to love.

    The transfer is well, so much better than expected. The picture quality at times was staggeringly good. So much detail was on show it was really like watching a freshly minted film. As with all vintage efforts though, there are some soft shots thrown in for good measure, but in the whole, this was a lovely looking presentation. The LPCM stereo track does its job but nothing more. There's a great hour long retro look back at the film (Reece Sheersmith gets everywhere doesn't he???) and a doc on Lee but I've not tucked into that yet.

    Summary - loved this classic anthology flick from Amicus. Cast of legends, tales that are not scary at all but are so damn charming it doesn't matter, if you like your 60s horror, you simply have to have this flick. Great disc too.
    This item was purchased for £14.99 from Amazon.co.uk in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic nostaligia trip
    • Superb cast that is as random (and as brilliant) as the stories
    • Tha transfer is wonderful


    • Ok, the stories are a bit hit and miss......
    • ......but they're still charming as hell!



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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