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  • lucasisking
    Accomplishing Wonders
    Review of Wonder Woman Movie by lucasisking, Jun 4, 2017.
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    It's not the second coming of superheroes, but Patty Jenkins' affectionate origin story is everything it needed to be to showcase the worlds best loved female comic book icon. Wonder Woman is a solid but unremarkable superhero origin story; no better or worse than Thor, Captain America the First Avenger and the recent Dr Strange. In fact, its a blend of those films; and as such more reminiscent of Marvel Studios' output than its DCEU predecessors. What elevates this above all of those films is the title character herself played, well, wonderfully by Gal Gadot; and written as a sympathetic, likeable figure rather than just an ass-kicking ballbuster for third-wave feminsts to worship. She's sexy, athletic, strong, noble and intelligent; yet emotionally fragile, kind, human, and naive, which makes her relatable to everyone. Chris Pine's Steve Trevor is also an excellent supporting character and his relationship with her is enjoyable enough that you dont care about the throwaway supporting cast. The opening scenes on her mystical birthplace of Themyscira didn't do much for me as its a reprise of almost every swords n sandals fantasy we've seen many times over (as well as being similar to Disney's Moana) despite the usp of being a girls-only club. The subsequent fish-out-of-water scenes in London are also amusing enough to pass the time until the movie properly kicks into gear. This happens with the 'no-mans-land' sequence, which is the action highlight of the movie and very impressive. This suprised me, as I expected the sight of costumed superheroics amidst the horror of World War 1 to be uncomfortable and distasteful (rather like the grossly inappropriate 'cosplay-in-Auchwitz' scene in X-Men Apocalypse). Fortunately, its executed superbly and well justified by the preceding dialogue. The romance between Diana and Steve is also handled delicately and evolves naturally through the movie, so you grow to care about the characters. Of course, by the end it all decends into a cartoonish conflagration of god battles and mystical nonsense, which is a bit of an interlectual turn off for me. Frankly, 'god-like beings' in superhero films have become a lazy trope that allows the characters to do anything the script allows. If these beings can't harm each other; then why do I need to see them punching each other for ten minutes? They may as well just skip to the end. That said, its quite a spectacle when Diana goes full 'bezerker' mode (reminiscent of Superman's anguish in Richard Donner's 1978 film). It doesn't help either that very little time is spent establishing what Wonder Woman's powers actually are, and what her limits are. Fortunately Gadot is so watchable (her fighting style and overall look spectacular, especially when her theme kicks in) that this is almost forgiveable. So in the end Patty Jenkins has delivered an effective introduction to this iconic character, even if its just a routine tale. Can't wait to see her again.


    • Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is perfect
    • Earnest, likeable adventure despite being derivative.
    • Chris Pine's character is extremely likeable and a great co-star
    • Middle action scene is spectacular
    • Well handled romance


    • Generic origin story
    • Can be dull in places
    • Wonder Woman's powers are too vaguely defined
    • Climax is cartoonish and uninspiring
    • Special effects aren't the best


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