Marantz SR7010 User Review

  • JeffMovieHound
    Absolutely awesome receiver
    Review of Marantz SR7010 AV Receiver by JeffMovieHound, Nov 5, 2015.
    So I almost…almost bought into the Onkyo when I started reading about the Marantz. The best of both worlds with tons of both HDMI and analog inputs. I have owned two onkyos in the past and have never gone wrong but I figured I might check out the alternatives to see what else is out there. DTS:X? I was reading the review here where they said some good things about Marantz. There was a link that lead to some other stuff that talked about this DTS:X and I started squirming around with excitement like a little child. I only have 5.1 speakers, but now I want more because this sounded absolutely wicked cool. First off, the Marantz was a few hundred more than what I was originally going to spend, so I was nervous. However, I thought that if I didn’t like it, I can always bring it back and get the Onkyo. Nope. No way…never. My speakers sound so nice, I want to wet myself any time I listen to my Yes albums. So many features, I am still learning the menus and I can see myself soon becoming addicted to buying more speakers. I kind of already planned on this to begin with but this whole ceiling business…I don’t know if I have the royal jewels down there to start cutting holes in my roof. I’ll probably work my way there very slowly.
    This item was purchased for 2100 from Amazon in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.

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    • best3175
      Have you used the app? I am interested in how easy it is to control from a 2nd or 3rd zone.
    • fxv300
      YES is always a good test for any amp. By the way how do you get the best out of a 5.1 setup when playing 2 Channel YES tracks ?
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