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  • Coz22998
    A witty, funny classic that helped write the rules
    Review of It Happened One Night Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 15, 2016.
    Many claim this is the archetypal screwball comedy, the one that defined the genre - Claudette Colbert and the mighty Clark Gable are the rich young girl who has escaped the clutches of her father who had kept her prisoner on their yacht (tough gig) to keep her away from the man she loved, and the drunken newspaper hound who finds her sat in his seat on a bus. We then follow their adventures as they evade the clutches of her father and the police, all while trying to get back to her chap. Can you guess what happens?

    Well that's besides the point really. What works here is Gable and Colbert. He is suave, smooth, cool as you like (even if there are some iffy gender politics of the time going on - him the ravening to break her neck when she talks out of line? Hmmm), she is prickly, sparky and very inch his foil. They banter, they bicker, know :). The dialogue is killer (see gable 'threaten' the guy on the bus who finds out who Colbert is. Gold), the supporting characters just quirky enough without ever stepping on the leads toes (except King Wesley - just a drip, what on earth did Colbert see in him????).

    Loved this - I don't understand people who don't like films such as this (my missus being one of them!!!), as it has everything. Zinging dialogue, sparky, feisty back and forths, Gable as the coolest man on the planet (next to Snake Plissken obviously :D).....just great.

    Now I have a bit of an issue with the transfer here. More an issue with the source material really. When the picture quality is good, it's really good - hard to believe this film is over 80 years old really. BUT, there are long scenes where quality drops significantly - grain becomes massively thick (in itself not a problem), detail drops sharply, it's like it drops to an SD image. It's not just on the usual transitions here, it's for big chunks of scenes, which is obviously due to the source materials used. Other sites have given this unreserved recommendations for picture quality and I can't see how - don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the presentation, but was made acutely aware of some of the not quite so up to par source materials used, which I feel must be reflected in any discussion of picture quality. Audio wise, it's a perfectly functional lossless mono track. I haven't delved into the extras yet as I'm stacking films, but the does look to be a huge amount here - a 90 min look back at Capra's life and career, a 40 min discussion of the screwball comedy genre and other goodies. Look good.

    Summary - loved this. Gable is da man and his sparky back and forths with Colbert make this romantic comedy a joy to watch.
    This item was purchased for $19.99 from Barnes & Noble (region A version) in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Superb banter between the two incredibly charismatic leads
    • Its genuinely funny due to its characters
    • Packed disc


    • Picture quality can be a touch hit and miss......
    • ......but it is nearing 80 so I'll cut it some slack!!!



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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