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  • richp007
    "A Superhero film - but without the Hero."
    Review of Deadpool Movie by richp007, Feb 24, 2016.

    Deadpool - 8.5/10

    Finally this makes it onto our screens. And it's a case of 3rd time lucky for Ryan Reynolds. Blade: Trinity and The Green Lantern are two films very easily forgotten; and quite rightly so to. But here he's finally hit the hero big time with his turn as Deadpool.

    A slick and very violent outing; far removed from anything we've seen in the Marvel Universe thus far, Deadpool certainly doesn't hold back. And I do quite literally mean it doesn't hold back. In the cinematic universe where we're often presented with a hero's struggle with restraint, Wade Wilson has absolutely none of it to speak of. Deadpool is a tour de force of vengeance, who sees no issue with blasting and slicing his way through the bad guys.

    And it's this that actually makes Deadpool such a brilliant outing - there's just no relenting. We're way beyond wham and bam - it's more a case of stab and snap. The bad guys don't do so well against old 'Pool. And the only thing to match Wilson's adept use of violence? - Unsurprisingly it is his mouth. It is Ryan Reynolds under that mask after all though; and yes, this is crude and on occasion pretty close to the line stuff. Maybe actually right on the line, with one foot feeling around on the other side; whose to say? Easily offended, and you might want to stay away. But being honest this reviewer isn't so easily, and I will definitely look forward to seeing what was inevitably cut restored on the sure to be unrated Blu-Ray. It's send up of other superhero movies as well (X-Men particularly finds itself in the firing line), is a brave and welcome move from all involved. And Reynolds even poking fun at his Green Lantern turn is a nice touch. It's unconventional and bold - and it works. Whilst we've gotten so used to brooding and troubled heroes over the years, Deadpool never takes itself too seriously - and it's all part of the charm.

    As always I'm not going to spoil anything, but I will say Wade Wilson's transition to Deadpool is quite a dark and shocking one. For the story an enjoyable one however, and I was surprised afterward it had managed to achieve its 15 rating with this present - here in the UK at least. What was also surprising to me was the amount of exposition we got too. From what I'd heard I wasn't expecting it and I can see this easily being an area where the film could be criticised. But I do think it was handled pretty well, and there were some moments that showed a different side to Wilson's character. If you're being picky I suppose you could argue there's a tad too much exposition, but it certainly is not affecting enough to be considered a detriment.

    On the whole it's a well structured affair, and I felt the 108 minutes flew by. I just didn't want it to end. And I'd be mortified now if we didn't get at least one sequel. However i'm not sure we'll be seeing Deadpool making an appearance in other Marvel franchises. If he did, he'd have to be a different character altogether.

    And believe me no-one would want that.

    We all like Deadpool just the way he is.



    • Deadpool is a solid addition to the Marvel franchise.
    • Great action sequences. Slick, and a lot of fun.


    • Perhaps too much exposition.
    • No doubt too crude for some.


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