Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • Coz22998
    A sprawling mess of a movie that somehow mostly works.......
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by Coz22998, Dec 19, 2017.
    I've made my peace with TFA - immediately after that first viewing, I loathed it for sticking too much to Star Wars' plot beats. Subsequent viewings have softened my view and while the far too safe plot still irks, I can see more of what it got right - it 'felt' like Star Wars and the new characters were all pretty great.

    So onto TLJ and again, my immediate thoughts are that it didn't fall into the same trap of TFA: yes, it had similar themes and plot structures to ESB (part chase movie, part training movie), and some scenes lifted from other movies, but this gave the film a familiar feel, rather than slavishly lifting plot beats that played out in exactly the same way as previous films. I liked that plot-wise we seemed to be seeing something a little different, including some much broader comedy that some of it worked, some of it didn't. And it still had enough of that Star Wars spectacle that we know, expect and crave - the whole of the final act is an incredibly well structured parade of set piece after set piece that built to a mostly satisfying ending.

    However, there are some real issues that I have a feeling will diminish my views on this on subsequent viewings - there is a large chunk of the second act that goes on way too long and it really outstays its welcome. And its treatment of the classic characters leaves something to be desired.......but then again, I can't have my cake and eat it can I? It does things with Luke and Leia that while I didn't like them, it certainly didn't take any easy, safe route with them. And while many others have noted the lack of use of some of the new characters that were set up in TFA, I have no problem with the lack of screen time or lack of backstory provided to these: need we be reminded a certain Mr Fett got nothing on screen and yet we love him for it!

    But it gives most of the new main characters satisfying story arcs to feel that they all have developed across this film. Rey especially (I loved the reveal of her family origins, again not taking any easy option at all), but Adam Driver pushed her very close and more than anything, this film both knowingly and unknowingly has now been the passing of the torch between the old guard and the new.

    Its a different Star Wars film and while I can see most of the criticism that has been levelled against it, after the far to safe TFA, I'm just pleased it's gone in a slightly different and less obvious direction. So bring on Episode IX!


    • Stunning set pieces
    • Great character work from most of the new cast
    • Plot and story beats certainly don;t adhere too much to previous films like TFA did


    • Treatment of the classic characters, whilst different, didn't feel satisfying
    • The second act could have easily lost 30 mins to help pick up the pacing


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