Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk User Review

  • Geoff_D
    A majestic 4K experience
    Review of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk UHD Blu-ray by Geoff_D, Mar 5, 2017.
    Astounding. Amazing. Astonishing. And however many more superlatives I can muster, because the PQ on this 4K disc is insanely good. The detail and sharpness alone would mark this out as primo UHD goodness, but the HFR takes it up another level.

    It really is a love or hate thing...and I LOVE it. The 24p Blu that's included has the requisite motion blur and so it's got that kind of detachment from reality that all movies have, there's a veil between the action and the viewer. But the 60fps version removes that temporal shortcoming, it's like you're there with them rather than watching a recorded edition of events and the sense of immersion is simply staggering. In that vein I can understand why the 4K version of the film itself is worthy of higher marks because things like the motif of addressing the viewer directly feels more impersonal and emotionally distant in 24p, but in 60p the method becomes clear as you can see every tiny little tic and twitch on their faces.

    As for the other UHD niceties, I'm watching this in 8-bit 4:2:0 SDR 709 (owing to HDMI bandwidth restrictions in my steam-powered 2014 4K TV) and yet it's still got a more refined and vibrant colour palette than the regular Blu, with the extra range giving the usual amount of depth to highlights. I spotted the shimmering mentioned in the review on the hood of the Humvee at 1h4m but apart from that no other aliasing/encoding nasties were evident, there's a bunch of banding on the 37 studio logos at the start of the film so I feared the worst (given that it's being dithered down from 10 to 8-bit here) but I spotted none during the film itself, not in the skies and not during during the trickier low-APL moments like Billy hiding behind the curtain at the press conference.

    The Atmos audio is incroyable too, maybe not the greatest mix you'll ever hear from start to finish but during the half time show it comes alive and ERMAGERD the bass is delicious, the DTS-HD on the Blu is fine but this is something else. When Destiny's Child start to sing and the music kicks in and the HFR is rocking and rolling, God, it's like you're right there in the stadium with them. More HFR content please!
    This item was purchased for £25.62 from Wow hd in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Groundbreaking high frame rate visuals
    • Superb Atmos audio


    • The film itself is an acquired taste...
    • is the HFR. This is proper Marmite territory.



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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