HDanywhere mHub User Review

  • LeeThomas
    A fantastic, reliable system
    Review of HDanywhere mHub Home Distribution Product by LeeThomas, Sep 30, 2014.
    I have the first incarnation of this system that I purchased and installed 4 years ago (2010). My main concern was what would I do if this failed as it becomes the most import part of any home TV setup. So far, it's been extremely reliable and I've never had to "turn it off an on again".

    I have it running over CAT5e and I've never experienced any issues with the receivers either. No problems with sounds nor picture quality.

    In my setup I have a Sky HD box, Freeview HD box, PS3 and WDTV Media player. It's all installed in a central location in my house so I've not had any problems with the Bluetooth of the PS3 controllers. Another concern prior to installation was any lag in gameplay but there has been no issue at all with this.

    It's a system I would highly recommend. Cabling your house gives other advantages as well so this was not the only reason I cabled mine. It means I can easily move the room around and patch the TV in at different locations with ease, I can also use the spare points around the house as a cable connection to my router or patching in phones using RJ45 to RJ11 convertors. I like having everything contained in one area so I've got a mini server rack to house all of this, my router, NAS box and phone sockets.
    This item was purchased for £999 from HDAnywhere in 2010. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Flexibity
    • Reliability
    • Quality


    • Price
    • Single source of failure - putting all your eggs in one basket!

    Build Quality




    Ease of Use


    Video Quality


    Connection Speed


    Value for Money



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