Whiplash User Review

  • Stuart Wright
    A delight to watch (and listen to) talented actor musicians
    Review of Whiplash Movie by Stuart Wright, Oct 29, 2015.
    I had no expectations of this movie and watched it at home with the family. Both myself and my son are drummers, but this didn't influence our choice of the movie or our appreciation of it. It could have been any instrument at the core of the movie, really.
    The lead, Miles Teller, was 100% convincing in the role as the driven, talented drummer. We felt his pain as he practised until he bled, when he lost top spot and when he realised he had lost the girl.
    We empathised with his determination at the end of the movie and we loved the resolution of J.K. Simmons' character.
    We're not fans of jazz, but we appreciated the musicianship and the music.
    The story was rewarding and the whole family enjoyed the movie.


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    • scifimovieg
      I agree with this review, From the trailer I did not want to watch it.

      But when it was on, I loved it especially the ending but I did feel that the story got lost a little after the car accident.
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