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  • CornishPete
    A cinematic history lesson
    Review of Darkest Hour UHD Blu-ray by CornishPete, Jun 6, 2018.
    Well what a film. This should be shown in schools. I knew about the second world war, knew about the fall of Europe and the concentration camps. But I never knew about the British government at the time. Just how much in fighting within he government there was.
    Gary Oldman was magnificent .
    The picture is awesome, detail so intricate . The use of sunlight an shadows brings a superb atmosphere to the movie. The first time I saw Winston in the lift I was blown away by the depths of the blacks.
    The sound stage is subtle as this is not an action film but nonetheless it draws you in to movie .
    Overall this movie instils a sense of pride and gratitude to all that did what they did to safeguard our futures.
    This is a real keeper.
    This item was purchased for £19.99 from Zoom in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Depth of blacks, use of shadows, HDR
    • Gary Oldman


    • Not enough extras



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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    • Evinger
      I agree it is a Fantastic Film - definitely in my top five of Movies watched this Year.

      However, Historically it does show Winston Churchill in too good a light overall - he had some extreme views that did not sit well with many people at the time, let alone now.
      (He supported the use of poison gas in War and the forced sterilisation of the mentally ill, & when he returned to power in 1951 his Government stepped up prosecutions against gay men, (including, famously, Alan Turing)

      Definitely a Great Wartime Leader, but not a Great Peacetime one
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