Spider-Man: Homecoming User Review

  • Jenz
    8/10 and a return to form for Spidey
    Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie by Jenz, Jul 7, 2017.
    A thoroughly enjoyable non-reboot/partial reboot putting Spiderman firmly into the Marvel Comic Universe.

    Whilst Peter Parker is younger and back at school the film makes him a lot more fun than previous movies.

    Avoiding a retread of the "Origin Story" the movie zooms along at a brisk pace with humour, solid if not exactly outstanding set pieces, and most importantly not too many stuffed in characters. Poor Uncle Ben isn't mentioned...

    Michael Keaton's villain is credible and chilling in equal measure but it's Tom Holland's show and he delivers. But doesn't Jon Favreau/Happy Hogan really steal it?

    Two end credits scenes round out the movie as does Stan Lee.

    In summary a great Spidey movie and a very solid Marvel film.

    Watched in 2D at Cineworld, Milton Keynes.


    • Tom Holland's wisecracking Spiderman
    • Baby Monitor Mode
    • Instant Kill
    • The absolute curveball not shown for once in the Trailer


    • Robert Downey Jnr phoning in his lines
    • Audi Product Placement
    • Deadpool didn't show up


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