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  • Excellent movie, shame about Odeon Luxe ruining it!

    Watched this at Odeon Luxe, Broadway Plaza Birmingham this evening. I rarely visit the cinema, only to take the kids out to be honest but this was an outing with the lads which I was really looking forward to - always love a Tarantino flick!

    The movie itself was great! Brilliant script, the acting from all involved was just top notch, all the ingredients of pure, old school movie magic.

    However the commercial theatre that was Odeon Luxe completely trashed my experience. First off, the room wasn't dimmed well and the ambient light gave the picture a poor, washed out lacklustre appearance.

    Secondly (and this is unforgivable) - no motorised auto-masking or auto screen ratio correction. So the picture was on a large 16:9 screen, washed out with grey bars at the top and bottom!

    So much for the over-hyped "ID Sense and 4K image" sales nonsense before the movie began.

    Can't wait to see again this properly at home.


    • Tarantino storytelling and classic direction
    • The acting and script were just classic


    • Nothing to fault really
    • Don't watch this in a commercial theatre - much better experience at home!




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Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

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