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  • Very entertaining, grown up action movie

    Enjoyed this a lot. Gerard Butler was good in the role. It was very reminiscent of Under Siege, and the music reminded me of Independence Day.
    The effects were excellent and the CGI seamless, except in the C130 attack sequence where I thought the damage to people was a bit unrealistic.
    I actually enjoyed the lack of flippant quips that John McLean might throw out.
    I didn't like the references to thanking God or the lingering shots of the American flag.
    Sound was good, but I did notice some banding in the background of the picture at the start of the movie. I didn't notice it again.
    Extras were ok. I didn't realise the huge amount of CGI which had been used. Which is a good sign, of course.
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    • Brutal action


    • A bit too American. Yeah, I know.




    I re watched this at weekend on Blu Ray I previously had watched it when televised.

    To me it was a Die Hard in the White House. I did find a few things that did not make logic(yes with this sort of film I suppose we have to expect it).

    Some of the bad logic,
    why did the White House not use the weapon that downed the helicopters when the C 130 plane first attacked. And would they only send 1 jet when 2 have been downed by the C 130?
    The White House security team did not seem to be that highly trained, they seem to have the code stand in the open and let the opposition shoot first, because if they did shoot first they were lousy shots.
    The president told the other persons that had the code to tell them to save their lives as he never give his and would die first, what makes him think Kang would not kill others the get his code?
    Surely if they had a fail safe on the missiles it would be to explode the missile not the payload and would they not have to be armed first.
    And would the Speaker risk the security of a country for the life of the president?
    Anyway as I say you should not expect everything to be logical in these sort of films and the action his plenty and good and a nice twist on the Die Hard theme.
    The effects are very good and it does look as though its happening where it suppose to.
    I did miss what happened at the start of the film when the cars were in the convoy as to what struck the windscreen, was it said, I suppose I should have rewound the scene.

    Score 7/10 would have been 8/10 if not for the illogical parts of the plot.
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