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  • The Old Guard - Not Too bad.


    I took the time to watch this and found it not too bad. It didn't break any new ground particularly, but it was entertaining enough. It put me in mind of a TV series I used to watch back in the day: The Champions. Only persons of a certain vintage would remember that program - especially the lovely Alexandra Bastedo. Try as I might though, I can't 'do' Charlize Theron as a martial arts ass-kicker - the truth is she's too damned good looking. It's probably something to do with Ms Theron's character - a woman trying her best to be masculine and that doesn't work for me. Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor will always work: They kick ass but still retain their femininity throughout the mess somehow and I think that's the secret for leading females in this genre.

    That aside, she's still very watchable as are her co-protagonists who are equally as good. It's also good to see Harry Melling all grown up - whilst his Merrick is a far cry from Dudley Dursley, it won't be long before he can portray a really convincing villain. All in all, worth a watch.



    • Decent enough plotlines.


    • Charlize Theron as John Wick? No.




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