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  • When the mass begins to howl...

    Howl with the wolfpack to walk along to confirm that Midnight Sky is a stinker no, that's not possible. It is not a masterpiece, but it still shows a certain craftmanship that, despite the many digital effects, is still not left out. I've seen better but especially a lot worse and what this film lacks in particular is a purpose and a coherent story. That is precisely where the pain point is all the rest of the criticism is mainly thin air. Many do not like the message that things are completely ruined here on earth and to continue as before after piecing together a vaccine is their main goal. This Midnight Sky completely undermines this haughty vision and for that we should be grateful to George and his film crew. Stupid Men!


    • craftmanship
    • excellent hdr picture


    • lack of coherence
    • direction




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