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  • Terrible

    The script was naff, Hemsworth was playing a comedy sidekick rather than a believable character.
    All that stuff with his 'old flame' was tiresome and the action was largely lame.
    It felt like this movie couldn't make up its mind whether it was a kid's comedy or teenage action flick. It didn't fall in to the comedy/action crossover because the comedy was too childish (I feel 40 years too old to enjoy the comedy) and the action (specifically the two alien antagonists) was occasionally a tad too menacing for the younger audience that the comedy was aimed at. The two alien antagonists were well done and reminded me a bit of the ghost twins in the second Matrix film.
    Anyway, this was a father's day 'treat' that fell a bit flat.


    • Some effects were good
    • The alien antagonists were well done
    • Thor's hammerlet


    • Poor script
    • Puerile comedy
    • Didn't seem to know who its target audience was




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Men in Black: International

Stuart Wright
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