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  • Racing, friendship and battles

    Le Mans 66, Ford vs Ferrari. Either way both titles don't really sum up the film. At 2hrs 30 min the film really is afforded the time to develop the story between Miles (Bale) and Shelby (Damon) both putting in superb performances. You really do care for these characters and root for them to succeed in there task to beat ferrari at Le Mans. Shelbys battles with Ford top brass are also well portrayed and I found myself really disliking Loe Beebe, a great performance by Josh Lucas, as he battles to stop Shelby and Miles succeeding. Well directed and shot with beautiful colours, visuals and sound. The cars sound and look great. I didn't feel I had been watching for over 2hrs which is a good sign your invested in the film. Whether you know the story or not, a car fan or not, this is a great film. Well put together and acted, its definitely worth a trip to see on the big screen for a visual and audio treat.


    • Acting
    • Visuals
    • Sound
    • Story


    • To many gear changes




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