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  • At the end it all comes .....

    Viggo Mortensen's directorial debut is not an unqualified success but rather a good attempt at. Although as a result of a number of interviews the film contains 20% autobiographical facts, the focus is on the father who is really a pain in the as and behaves towards it. For many of us, this will be confrontational and rather revengeful. Believe me, there are more such figures in the real world than we would like. The bouncing back and forth between the past and the now is sometimes a bit distracting from the story. The extinction of a man who previously went through life as a bully and knows that his end is near and wildly waving everything and everyone tries to pull along and still largely succeeds. The acting performances are of the level that everyone is aware of, but unfortunately will not be digestible for everyone. So like I said good attempt a little too long but always very recognizable.


    • nice debut from Viggo


    • consistency is lacking




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