Carnival Row Season 1 user review

  • Amazon stepping up their original production game

    Had just finished the excellent Amazon Primes original production "The Boys". I needed something to fill the void and I knew very little going in. The first episode got my attention and peaked my imagination. What you'll get is something like looks very polished and visually appealing. Plot wise it's a more traditional murder mystery but set in a suspenseful Victorian meets dark fairy tale world. There's enough there to feel familiar but the darker fairy tale setting definitely adds something unique that sets this show apart.

    Possibly the only knock I could give it was pacing and relevance on some story arcs. Nothing too out there and its understandable they'd want to squeeze an extra episode out of their budget spend. Overall it delivered over the 8 episodes. You get a rounded up plot conclusion by the end of the season and a peak into mysterious world. Two good shows in a row from Amazon. Glad to hear it's coming back for a second season.

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    • Mythical/Victorian spliced setting
    • Visuals & production values
    • Polished
    • Well cast with some good performances


    • Some story arcs were a little trivial, added little to the whole & slowed the pace




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