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  • Be excellent to each other...and party on dude (responsibly and socially distanced)!

    I don’t have the UHD blu-ray (yet at least) but did watch the movie again recently on another disc edition.

    If it is ok, this is just a review for the movie itself:

    This was a most excellent movie from my adolescence, which garnered many an after school repeat viewing on VHS. The great thing about this introduction into the totally bodacious world of messrs Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan is that it’s such a sweet natured, sci-fi fantasy romp - the type of feelgood comedy that’s accessible for all. I know the 80s also had Porky’s and Revenge of The Nerds; however, this film and it’s sequel (and also the similar-ish Wayne’s World films) has a unique generational quality that bridged a gap before crude comedy came back with a vengeance in the 90s - e.g. Farrelly Brothers, Austin Powers and American Pie. The proof was in the pudding in that my boys loved it during lockdown and immediately asked if there was a sequel.

    Apart from the special effects now looking distinctly ropey, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is very aptly a timeless, minor - using the world cult doesn’t sound right - classic from the tail end of its decade. The premise belongs purely to the school of simple but effective. The unlikely tale of a couple of dim witted, high school rockers who are inexplicably destined for greatness - but not if they don’t pass their history presentation. What better way than to let the history speak for itself by travelling back and forth through time to ‘borrow’ these significant characters of the past. Another big positive is that the future is depicted as a utopia, representing a change from the downbeat norm.

    Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon’s script is loaded with cool 80s rock/metal references such as the duo’s excited reaction to a medieval iron maiden, and Bill fooling Ted’s disapproving authoritarian dad as ‘Deputy Van Halen.’ The history report itself is presented in the manner of a rock concert. Loads of other great moments such as the rescue of the princesses from the ‘royal ugly dudes’ and a playful running gag of Bill having the hots for his young step-mother. When Freud offers Bill his sofa, he declines before admitting he just has ‘a minor Oedipal complex!’

    Cast-wise, we all know that Bill is Alex Winter’s signature role and Keanu went on to become a Hollywood icon. However, it is arguable that Reeves’ breakout gig is the one film fans mostly associate him with just as much as his action output. His delivery of the line “Woah!!” belongs in the zeitgeist of 80s cinema - and everyone was in on the joke when he used it again ten years later in The Matrix. Additionally, George Carlin is coolness personified as wise time travelling messenger Rufus (he can even jam a little too!).

    The iconic line “Be Excellent to each other...” is a timeless sentiment but takes on greater significance in the current climate.

    Verdict? Excellent! (Of course)




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