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  • Thoughtful and successful use of H G Wells prophetic and literary capabilities

    This adaptation brought a dusty yet far seeing book to life in that it re-created the middle class world of the writer, highlighted the moral issues of the day and in the creation of the 3 legged one eyed monster focussed attention on technological capabilities way ahead of H G Wells' time. It brought to life the ridiculously unprepared state of society at that time for any such invasion and was sadly prophetic of modern day warfare. Which is what Wells is partly known for. I shared the mindset of the producers far more than with the recent adaptation of Jane Austen's last unfinished work, which was like bringing together "gritty realism" and Holby City into her world. Here, liberties were taken but the essence of Wells' insight and message persists. Wells knew nothing of modern special effects but here they translate his fantasies into something that is in keeping with those times. Well done guys.


    • It made the fantasies appear believable in the year in which it was set
    • Obviously we can now see Mars a little better and conclude that the microscopic life there is not going to start building spaceships.
    • We have to recognise both the prophesies and the fallacies of the original fiction and this programme helps.
    • I liked being reminded that people didn't always have the same moral values as today.


    • Well there was a good deal of destruction, but I was not over bothered. You wouldn't expect Martians to be friendly would you?




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BBC's The War of the Worlds

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