Zyxel NSA220 plus - server not responding


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Hi there,

Recently got hold of a Zyxel 220 plus - added a 1TB drive and all worked a dream :clap:

However, noticed firmware was well out of date (3.0) so updated to the latest 3.25. Also, my antivirus needed updating - so added Norton 360.

Now...my internet radio acknowledges the server - but won't let me select a track to play :mad: says media server not responding....So I trled going back to 3.0 (which I did) but still it doesn't acknowledge. I've also tried tweaking Norton - turning off all the block messages in the firewall settings to no avail.

I am able to stream via Flowstream (Pure server) ok - so wireless at least works there.

any thoughts or tweaks to get the NSA working as it did????


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Is your antivirus causing the issue? I know some think that they know what is right for you (and your network), and block all sorts of things. Have a look if there is any sort of log in the AV software, or whether it has an inbuilt firewall that needs tweaking
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