Zyxel NSA 325 - flashing LED


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Had the 325 working fine for a couple of months now. Went to turn it off before going to work, and it wouldn't turn off.

Normally I just press the blue power on/off switch until the first set of bleeps, and it goes off. But not now.

Now the first LED is flahing green. Numbers 2 and 3 LED's are a steady green (hdd's 1 and 2). The blue power light is on, and the port to the router is amber.

The 2 hdd's are set up for Raid (1, I think).

This has been going on for 2-3 days now.
Am I in trouble ?


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Should have said that while this has been going on, I have been unable to access the NAS. The Starter Utility will load, but it cannot find the NAS.
Windows 7 cannot see it on the network either.

Decided to bite the bullet tonight, and found that I couldn't turn the NAS off.

So I pulled the plug ! Waited a few minutes and then turned it on again.
All seems fine: the Starter utility works; the data seems ok, and Windows sees it on the network.

Decided to turn it off again in the normal way..... and success.

So, does anyone know what is going on, please ?
It just sounds like one of those things where only a techie reset will do!

I wouldn't worry about it.

I turn mine off about once or twice a week but its turned off succesfully at all times.


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I have the same problem about once every one to two months and do exactly as you did -pull the plug.

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