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I've been playing Mafia Wars since August and was about to give up on it as it now takes days between leveling up. I kept wishing I could start again, knowing what I know now about how the game works.

Anyway, I got a notification saying I'd get a load of points if I tried Street Racing, as you know, extra points are always good in Mafia Wars. but when I loaded it up and when thought I'd try my theory out. In less than 4 days I'm up to level 72 and have mastered almost all the missions in the first 3 categories.

Here's few quick hints to playing...

1) Pick Muscle as this means you energy points build back up at the rate of 1 every 3 minutes compared to 1 every 5 minutes. Energy is the key to racing through the levels in this game.

2) Make sure you place the 23 free Sponsor Points edition of Street racer and the 24 free point version of Mafia wars, as this will give you an additional 53 sponsor points, which is almost another 24 energy points for you, meaning you'll fly through those first few levels. You can also play Scramble 2 to earn even more sponsor points

3) Every time you level up, just keep increasing your energy levels, as this automatically fills up when you level up it puts you that much closer to getting to the next level. So for example at level 1 you have 10 energy points and need 10 experience points to get to level 2. If you then take all 5 extra energy points when you level up, you automatically start with 15 points and you reach level 3 when you gain 20 experience. By doing this in combination of spending all your sponsor points on energy levels you can be at level 10 before you run out of energy.

4) Only race selected really low level people, as your action secret attack and defence bonus will be 1. It is possible to find the right people to race against and still earn the maximum $120,000. I keep racing the same guy who's at level 20, once you find the right opponent, if he doesn't appear on the list just keep hitting refresh at the bottom until they appear. You still need to be careful though, even though I'm 52 levels higher I still occasionally lose out.

5) Carefully buy property the Night Club is the best to begin with and avoid the Beachfront Property and the Prime Downtown Lot as they are both a total rip off. As soon as you can afford it get a Malibu Estate and then a Casino. Just use the property as a way to cover your out goings. Even now I don't have much money as I know that will come later on as I get to the next few levels.

6) When you are about to level, don't waste any energy points you have. For example if you need just 20xp points to get to the next level but have 40 energy points and do a mission worth 20xp you'll level up but will waste 20 energy points. A better approach is to do 3 missions one for 18xp, another for a single 1xp and finally the mission worth 20xp. The first missions two leave you needing 1xp before you level up, then doing the mission worth 20xp means you are already 19xp closer on the next level and your energy points are just wasted.

If anyone else has any tips, I'd love to hear about them.

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