zp18p oh god nooo! similar size replacement needed

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by d4v34, Jun 12, 2002.

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    Hi Folks,
    Well I'm biting the bullet and chopping in my zp18p. I've waited for a Q model for a couple of months now and really after reading the posts here it doesn't sound like it's going to solve the problems.
    The reason I went for the 18p was the size, I could get a 32" TV for the same size as a 28".
    Normal size 32" will be just too big for my room so is there any other TV out there that's a similar size?
    Failing that I guess I'd go for a 28" - perhaps the 28" Loewe Vitros (although I guess the Xelos is pretty much a picture frame).

    BTW - What stands are people putting their Vitros TVs on.


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    Northern Ireland
    A suitable stand depends on the amount of equipment you have. The Loewe Vitros stand is a little strange looking but it is quite cool and holds a few more things (with the 2nd shelf installed) than the Aconda stand.

    I opted for a Sound Organisation Z530 AV rack for my 32" Aconda and it's a great stand. It holds my Amp, VCR, Sky Digibox, DVD Player and Center Speaker with plenty of ventilation on all sides as it is not enclosed. This stand measures 900mm in width though so it wouldn't fit in the area taken up by a ZP18. If I remember correctly, the ZP18 measured around 750mm in width.

    There are plenty of options out there for all budgets. If you go for the Loewe (recommended) then don't stick it on a £50 stand as it defeats the purpose and style of the TV. ;)

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