Zoomplayer / Ffd show CRASH


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I have problem with Zoomplayer / Ffd show / CineMaster codec.

Basically, whenever I enable the FFDShow Video Processor as an additional filter, it crashes After making the screen go blank, but before playing the DVD.

If I disable it again then it plays fine.

Can anyone help?

ffdshow is dated May 1 2004 23:24:37
Zoom Player Professional is version 3.31
Windows XP, latest DirectX

The error is a standard Windows "zplayer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." box, with "Send Error Report" and "Dont send" buttons.

Thanks in advance



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Thanks for the pointer, but .. I had already done the required registry tweak .. I had not disabled Video Hardware Acceleration from the codec, have done now but it does not help.

Hmmm. I shall have to fiddle around some more ...


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Mine crashes too :(


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My problem was because I was playing a PAL DVD.

This is from another post (which I've lost now damn it ...)

ffdshow does not support DFC's (Dynamic Format Changes) that the video decoder normally sends to the Overlay Mixer to resize the video surfaces from 720x480 NTSC to 720x576 PAL.

For PAL is your thing, add a DWORD registry value named "HardCodeForPal" in the HKLM\Software\Sonic\Cinemaster DS DVD\2.5\VideoDecoder directory and set it 0x00000001 and this will hardwire the video decoder to instruct ffdshow that PAL size surfaces are what it needs to allocate from the get go.

Thanks for your help!


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