Question Zoomed 16: image to remove balck bars top and bottom how does he do it.


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Watching this video can anyone answer the question I assume he is using a 16:9 screen ratio as it resembles a 16:9 screen how does this guy manage to shift the video content from 16;9 with balck bars top and bottom to zoom out and retain full aspect ratio meaning they get rid of the black bars top and bottom of the screen. I assumed you could only do this on a 2:35.1 screen which is much wider and most of the information would be zoomed off the sides of the screen meaning the information to the sides would be totally lost onto he walls.

So can anyone explain how this guy can zoom out a 16:9 video movie to get rid of the black bars top and bottom and zoom the film out to fill the screen with full aspect ratio meaning nmo squashing of the image.


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The width of the image is changing...the 16:9 section you were seeing at beginning of the video clip was the height of the 2.4:1 screen he is using. You can see the image widen out to fill width of screen at end of the video clip. It is just two different lens postions saved as memories. The issue you have with using lens shift like that is that the position and focus will not go back to exactly the same place each time. So uou may =find yourself wanting to do manual touch up occasionally.


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So he was not using a 16:9 screen to begin with as I assumed it was a 16:9 here my confusion how he could zoom out and retail full picture. Thank you for the reply has helped me understand I just putchased a 133'' diagonal screen in 16:9 sorry now I did not go for a wider aspect ratio like 2:35.1

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