Zoom option from PC input?


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Whilst my Panny PW6 is waiting fault investigation, I have loan of a Viera PX70. (And I'm also looking at possible new purchase, depending on what happens with the PW6, as mentioned on another thread).

I have a specific question that I thought would be best in a new thread...

With my PW6, I could use the "Zoom" aspect from "PC" input. With the PX70, Zoom is not supported in PC mode. I took a look at the PZ85 manual (which is one of the models I'm considering), and it doesn't support Zoom in PC mode either.

The Panny PH10 (professional display panel) does support Zoom in PC mode.

Is Zoom in PC mode only supported on the professional display panel models? Are there other "consumer" plasmas with this feature?

It may seem odd, but I use this Zoom feature with a PC a lot. The reason being that my laptop is 4:3, and the streaming video I watch is widescreen letterboxed on the PC. Using Zoom on the plasma keeps the original widescreen aspect and makes it nicely fit the screen. Without it, I have a small picture on the plasma, with black bars all around.

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