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Zoom controls on AE100 in VGA/progressive scan

richard plumb

Distinguished Member

Just thinking about whether to upgrade my DVD player when I get my AE100 (currently have a pioneer DV-505 with s-video out)

I see two options:

1) keep current player, into a proV or similar, into AE100 VGA

2) progressive PAL/NTSC player (Philips 962SA?) into component inputs on AE100

One concern I have is what happens with the VGA inputs? Do I lose my zoom controls, so if I'm playing a letterbox movie like Titanic, will I have to watch it in a tiny postage stamp in the middle of the screen.

What happens to anamporphic content? As the DVD player will just be outputting a 4:3 squashed picture, can you still stretch it on the AE100, or does the ProV do that for you?

And does 4:3 material stay with bars left and right (that's how i'd want it)

thanks for the help :)


Standard Member
Hi Richard,

I have my sony 735 outputting s-video into the Prov which is then VGA into the Panny.

The controls you get with VGA are 4:3, 16:9 and V-Scroll.

For non-anamorphic widescreen DVDs it is a bit of a pain, as there is only v-scroll which slightly zooms the picture (but leaves narrow vertical black lines either side of the image) and allows you to move the image up or down by a few lines.

For images wider than 1.85 then you will also have thin lines above and below the image as well.

But its not too much of a problem as I can count the number of non-anamorphic 2.35 dvds i have on one hand.

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