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I am the proud owner of a new Onkyo 576 (from SuperFi - good service).

All fine except I am having trouble with Powered Zone 2 - I may just have misunderstood what it can do. I have set Pwrd Zone 2 Active and can get the Receiver's radio and the audio out of my Panasonic TV playing through it but as far as I can tell none of the digitally input sources will play through Zone 2 - just silence - I would particularly like he Sky HD to play through Zone 2 for Planet Rock etc. in other rooms.
Do I need to make an analogue audio connection as well as the Optical one? No mention in the manual I can see of this requirement.

Anyway - any clues / suggestions would be much appreciated.



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if it is like most other ONKs you will need an analogue connection for the Zones.


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Thanks a lot - yes that is it - have to have an analog source for Zone 2 output purposes. I guess I can see logically why that might be but strange that Onkyo don't make that clearer in the manual and elsewhere where the only restriction mentioned is not being able to listen to two different radio stations in different zones.
Made a bit of a mess of my plans to reduce the wiring in/behind my AV cabinet - that was part of the justification for replacing the old Yamahas and now I now need 3 feeds from the Sky box to the amp - Optical, HDMI AND phono_Oh well it sounds and looks better.


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