Zombies eat DOG in Dead Set horror drama

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<p><img style="margin: 6px; float: left;" src="http://www.homecinemachoice.com/files/hcc_content/software/deadset_0.jpg" title="Normally it's the Big Brother contestants who are the zombies" width="150" height="150" />The use of persistent Digital Onscreen Graphics by TV channels has long irritated TV viewers, but could the practice be falling out of favour with programme creatives as well? </p>
<p>In what could be trend-setting move the makers of the upcoming TV zombie epic <i>Dead Set</i> have asked E4 to remove its branding during the transmission of the show. <span class='read-more'><a href="http://www.homecinemachoice.com/blogs/team_HCC/no+dogs+for+dead+set">&nbsp;read&nbsp;more&nbsp;&raquo;</a></span></p>


Active Member
Good for them, hopefully more program makers will insist on having their product untainted in this way. In the age of EPG's there isn't any need to be reminded what channel you are watching.

I find it highly irritating that you get a DOG but not when the adverts are on......

andrew markwort

Active Member
I've yet to hear any justification for DOGs that can't be demolished in under thirty seconds. Prevent piracy? - nope; pirates will either crop the picture, not bother, or copy from the DVD. Remind viewers of which channel they're on? - just how thick do the broadcasters think we are? Improve station popularity? - hardly! I can't think of anyone who has a good word to say for DOGs. It's like the habit of shrinking the credits and having a voiceover and pictures telling you what's on next. It's a habit that should never have started and needs binning.

And if DOGs are so vital, how come they're not on the premium channels like Sky Movies?

brian s

Distinguished Member
This is great news. It's a pity more producers don't demand this. I hate them and don't watch if one is present.

*At LAST*!!!

Can this trendy marketing nonsense altogether. Hopefully this will start the ball rolling!

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