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Reviewed by Andrew Mogford, 25th April 2010.
I am afraid I failed to be impressed with Zombieland. I didn’t find it frightening enough, and the comedy wasn’t consistent enough to keep me amused. The film seems to be very much a high concept, original idea that failed to expand to fill a 90 minute movie. Although there is much to admire here, in particular Harrelson’s performance, the story and plot very quickly run out of steam.

There are no such problems with the picture, which is uniformly excellent – although the sound (like the film) is rather one-dimensional, failing to fill the room with dynamic effects. The extras seem comprehensive on viewing the box, but turn out to be rather superficial. However, the picture in picture track is excellent and single handedly rescues the extras from a low mark.

If you have seen, and liked Zombieland then there is no doubt that you will want to pick this up. The high quality picture is likely to be enough to confirm that this is a definite purchase for fans. However, tiresome as it may be, I can only recommend a rental if you are coming to the film blind. There are far better mixes of horror / comedy out there than this.

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Spot on review Andrew. After an excellent start the film runs out of gas almost immediately. It's incredible how quickly it stutters to a halt. It just meanders from one contrived scene to the next with no structure whatsoever. No character progression, no story. Quite simply - NOTHING happens. At all. Even the inevitable showdown at the end is unimaginatively conceived.

After all the online hyperbole regarding this film I was very let down. Not nearly deserving of the praise in my opinion.
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I loved this film, I had my doubts (America does Shaun of the Dead :facepalm:), I thought it had a perfect mix of gross out violence, and some very funny moments, I thought the "rules" were an excellent guide to all things "zombie" related, "double tap" :rotfl:

Your review says "I didn’t find it frightening enough", I find that an odd statement, I didn't find it frightening, but I wouldn't expect that of a "zom-com", it has its grim deaths, splatters, limb loss, I don't think it even tried to frighten, did it? Having said that, I often laugh at things people interpret as horror :devil:

I also thought the plot built up well, totally silly, but a good show down.

I watched this on rental, I will buy it soon. My only issues with it was that PQ wasn't up to high standards, but for this type of movie/budget, it doesn't matter.


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Have to agree with the above post. For me this was the 'few beers with the lads' film of last year.


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yep, seconded (or is it thirded?) the 2nd best zom-com of all time :D

ok so there are only two that i can think of, but i loved this film and have bought it on Blu-Ray and can see it being one i watch a lot over the years.


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I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this film.

I was expecting a poor "saun of the dead" remake that was pretty slap-stick with low grade american humour.

OK, the film was massively americanised but they also kept a real subtlety to the characters which is rare in hollywood comedies and horrors (or both put together).

I don't think this was supposed to be frightening. I found it really funny but don't expect "in your face" slap-stick humour. Woody was fantastic.

I rented it but am definately going to make this a purchase.

(p.s. What are the better Zom-Coms? Loved "suan of the dead" and "dawn of the dead")

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