zombie movie!!



Any of you seen 28 Days Later??
I thought it was excellent wha you think?


Farily poor. Alright as a stand alone film, I guess, but nothing on some of the more 'old skool' movies. Check out Braindead, Evil Dead (I prefered 1 to 2), and Romero's zombie films are meant to be great, but I haven't seen any yet.

Droogie 2001

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I thought 28 days later was good.
The idea is loosely based on a Zombie movie but has significate differences.
One is that the infected 'people' do not move slowly around like all other zombie movies, these guys can run quickly like any other normal person.
This I feel gives some of the scenes a real sense of panic.
Check out the scene with them running up the stairs in the tower block.
Also I thought one of the scenes was really quite disturbing.
I won't give away too much as I would not want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet. But the scene where early on one of the 'heros' is brutally attack by a fellow 'hero'. It certainly sent a chill down my spine.
It felt more realistic than some zombie having its head lopped off.



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yes night of the living dead and particularly Dawn of the Dead (both by Romero) are excellent. They aren't particularly scary but great "what if the world turned into Zombies" movies.

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