Zoe Finally Sorted and all 100% Working (Took 6 Months)

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    Well its 6 months now (Almost to the day), since we picked up our New Zoe ZE40

    It had some issues that were apparent on delivery, and some that became apparent very soon after collection.

    Getting them all resolved to the point where the car is now faultless (As much as any car can be) has taken 6 months.

    Being honest the service provided by the Renault Dealer has been terrible (Really terrible), and if it had not been for the bend over backwards helpful service from Renault Head office we would have probably looked at rejecting the car.

    Main Issues,
    Intermittent Failure to charge on Rapid Chargers
    Drivers Seat Leather Damaged (Noted on collection, not picked up on PDI)
    Infotainment/SatNav & Control Computer System Failure (Screen Goes Blank and Reboots)
    TCU (Telecoms Unit Failure) (if it looses signal will not reconnect unless fuse pulled)
    Passenger Seat Heater Failure Damaging Passenger Seat (Overheated and Burnt seat)

    The car has been in for a total of 6 weeks for diagnostic and waiting for parts over 4 total visits.

    The Comms and help from the dealer have varied from disinterested to plain rude and lies.

    Anyway Renault appointed a case manager at head office as soon as it was flagged there was issues and he has been stellar, never missed a promised update and been on the back of the dealer.. as the dealer never had loan cars available Renault head office arranged an Enterprise Rental car every time it went it.

    In The End The Car Had
    New Charge Port & Connection Kit
    New Info Computer Unit & Screen and Radio Unit
    New TCU Computer & Comms Kit
    New Front Drivers Seat Base And Cover
    New Passenger Seat Base Cover & Heater

    They have paid for 6 weeks of Enterprise Rental Car.
    Refunded the £700+ we spent in fuel in the rental car while using it.
    And added a 3 year unlimited mileage Service Plan to the car to say sorry.

    So the sun is Out now, the car works on all chargers without issue, the computer does not crash every time you drive it, and it has nice new seats with no burns or cuts.

    Hopefully on for many many 1000s of miles without having to see a dealer again (Except for the free 18k services).. And for those I will be sure to use another dealer.

    But just wanted to say, that despite it being a dire experience with the dealer, Renault Head Office have been stellar throughout. And have provided a much higher standard of service than I got from BMW with my i3 when it had issues.

    Happy Summer EV Motoring Everyone ;-)
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    Glad you finally got it all sorted...happy motoring:thumbsup:

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