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Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 20th January 2009
So it still maxes out on everything bar the sound and the sound is better than the earlier Dolby Digital Plus track. Although, it's just not going to stress your surround system and there are better examples of multi channel sound out there. However, as a set it got full marks from me first time around and I see no reason to change that verdict here. The film is absolutely absorbing. It's not what you expect but what you get is a detailed character piece which breaks down how people get drawn into scenarios that perhaps they're not suited for, how they can become obsessed with these events and how these events can overtake and ultimately ruin your life.Acting is first rate, it had to be for this to function, anything less and the film just wouldn't have worked. Fincher and his team are respectful of the events in question as well as the dead and offer up their own obsessions in the detail which they have put into this film.The whole crew has to be applauded for their efforts. The video is exemplary and a testament to what can be achieved in this new medium. The audio is a step up from the HD-DVD release so all in all as far as BluRay is concerned this is just onwards and upwards.

Zodiac is a thriller, one which you expect to drive you headlong into the atrocious nature of events in the past, however you get that and more. It's almost 3 hours long but so engrossing that you'll feel the time pass in an instant. When this was initially released I gave it top marks and today that still holds true. Zodiac was one of the jewels in the crown of my HD-DVD collection and now this BluRay edition is sitting proudly on my shelf. I suggested you buy it then and I suggest you buy this now.
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