Zinwell Brite-View BS2000 Scaler / Deinterlacer & PTAE500



To help any of you out there with queries about dedicated de-interlace/scaler devices, I've outlined below the problems I have encountered with the budget Zinwell Brite-View BS2000 model.

A few of you have had good experiences but I've now sent mine back and intend to buy a good progressive scan DVD instead.

The projector I have is a Panasonic PTAE500 and the DVD player the old, but goodie, Pioneer DV626D. I used both the s-video and composite conection from the DVD to the Brite-View and connected this to the component inputs of the projector.

The unit worked best in NTSC (region 1 DVDs). After an initial period of no colour that tuned out to be the DVD player outputting NTSC as PAL60, all progressive modes 480p, 720p and 1080i worked okay. 1080i was quite smooth but was displayed slightly squashed. 480p displayed at full screen but was very grainy and had considerable noise on the left hand edge of the picture. 720p(60Hz) worked best, as one would expect as this is the projector's native resolution, but even here there were still traces of noise on the left. In this mode the static scenes showed a smooth and detailed picture, but in moving scenes there were excessive motion artifacts and banding (where vertical lines appear as zig-zags) and this became very distracting.

In switching to PAL (region 2 and 4 DVDs) things got a lot worse. 575p showed obvious interference lines making this option unusable. 1080i, as with NTSC, was quite smooth but again shrunk leaving a 50 pixel or so border around the image. 720p(50Hz) didn't display at all. I noticed on an additional sheet of paper tucked into the manual that this mode doesn't work on all displays. Well, you can add the PTAE500 to that list. This really was the nail in the coffin for the Zinview as the main reason for this purchase was to get a perfectly matched input resolution to the projectors LCD panel. However, I think even if this mode had worked as well as it did in NTSC the noise and motion artefacts would still have made the unit unsuitable in the long term, as no amount of tweaking would have removed them.

It is a shame because at it's best, NTSC's 720p(60Hz), it does render some scenes very well, but in most areas just using projector directly gives a more balanced and natural viewing.

Underneath it all I'm sure there is a good unit and at £220 (reduced from £370) it seemed like the perfect choice offering high quality conversion and scaling for the smaller pocket.

The problems outlined above may just be an incompatibility with my other components, but I'd be tempted to say now; "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is...".

andrew constant

Active Member
i have an ae500 and had a brite veiw for 2 days then sent it back to av sales ,it did exactly the opersite as what it should do.

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