Zinwell Box - disadvantages over others in the pipeline?


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I understand the Zinwell can be had for about £250 - and this is the version that will handle encrypted material from Euro1080 come May.

I'm tempted to give it a go - even though current material line up isn't brill - but wanted to know whether the unit, being the 1st on the market, will offer less "compatibility" than other models that maybe released over the coming months. I don't want to end up with a piece of kit that is basically redundant/I want to change in 6 months time.

Apart from Euro1080, what else can I pick up on the unit? Will I be able to pick-up other freebie digital satelite broadcasts? I noticed that there was a DVB sign on the front - that's nothing to do with free-to-air is it (no aerial input on the back anyway).

The review of the Zinwell sounded favourable.

Chris Muriel

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It will only handle the future encrypted material if it has either an Irdeto CAM (Conditional Access Module) built-in (AKA "embredded Irdteo") or at least has a CI (Common Interface) slot that can take an Irdeto CAM ; the Irdeto smartcard then slips into the CAM.
The ZDX-410HD reviewed in Tele Satellite Magazine (02-02 2004) which I received this week (page 46) had a sealed flap "that will eventually provide access to the CI slots for use with PayTV CA modules".
So that early edition seemed to lack full Irdeto capabilities.

DVB can refer to DVB-S (satellite), -T (terrestrial) or -C (Cable).
In this case it's obviously DVB-S.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


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Cheers Chris.

The mag I read the review of the Zinwell mentioned 2 models - one with Irdeto capabilities and one without. I'm afraid it didn't go into too much detail as to how good the one with Irdeto was, although it said it was a CAM?

Would that seem one to go for then?


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Has anyone found any info on the reported Humax and Panasonic HD STB's..? I really want to wait for a box with at least one common interface slot...

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