ZIDOO Z10 / Z9s 4K HDR Owners Thread


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You can always add the usb in your Zidoo to your computer as a network share and then send the firmware (and other things) to the usb and update that way.


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Hey guys, silly question. How do I use a powered 8TB external hard drive with my Zidoo? Currently I have 3 4tb usb drives plugged into it directly but I now have an 8tb powered one I want to use.

Once I have turned of the zidoo how do I go about turning off the WD 8TB without risking failure as it's not connected to a pc? I usually turn off all my home theatre stuff at the wall each night so won't that risk damaging the drive if it's connected to the Zidoo?

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When the Zidoo powers down it un-mounts the USB hard drives, the USB hard drives then power down themselves.

No need to switch the 8TB USB hard drive on/off - just leave it :D


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Model: ZIDOO Z10 - Z9s Firmware
Version number: v2.3.35 is Oficial Release


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Is it possible to output video from the Z10 to a monitor?

I've got the Z10 connected to a Dell U2419HC with the supplied Zidoo HDMI cable, and the PC connected to the monitor via display port.

Although the Z10 is displaying 1080P (the Dell is a 1920x1080 monitor) on the front LCD screen instead of the 4K I get when outputting to my 4K TV, I don't get any video output from the Z10 to the Dell monitor.

Any ideas?



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Is it possible to output video from the Z10 to a monitor?

I've got the Z10 connected to a Dell U2419HC with the supplied Zidoo HDMI cable, and the PC connected to the monitor via display port.

Although the Z10 is displaying 1080P (the Dell is a 1920x1080 monitor) on the front LCD screen instead of the 4K I get when outputting to my 4K TV, I don't get any video output from the Z10 to the Dell monitor.

Any ideas?


Mine is connected to a prof Plasma Monitor 1080p no issues at all .


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morning all i've updated my wifi to a mesh wifi tenda mw6 i've put into bridge mode as advised to see whats on the network now im having trouble connecting to the openwrt to transfer films across the network it's asking for a username and password ,never did before and i've not set one is there a default one ? any help appreciated thanks


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MD5: F2E6354BF7D1A8A786F6A3D0EF2A07DC

MD5: FCEE82FB6FD76EB810521020B12E6E09

MD5: 6804E295513CD6268579892285D3EEB9

MD5: 4BAD266F8151E29D2E3C40CA1D4EA838

MD5: 8686AD441B6BD7BF0DE3476817079BCF

MD5: AEA82817A9789DEA2EB4C623C5840503

If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.


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Change logs:

1. Add UPNP video playback function
2. Added the function of adjusting the audio offset using the up and down keys on the remote control.
3. Optimize built-in text subtitle setting.
4. Optimize bookmark playback function.
5. Optimize the subtitle download function.
7. Added ASS subtitle brightness setting
8. Fixed the problem that song occasionally could not be played when switching to the next through the phone
9. Added the default function of the first audio track
10. Add some color settings for srt subtitles.
11. Added MKV chapter information display
12. Add Sony CEC playback function keys

1. Optimize the display of movie information.
2. Optimize bookmark playback function.
3. Add some color settings for srt subtitles.

Home Theater
1. Optimize automatic scanning function.
2. Optimize the function of editing posters on the PC.
3. Added multiple video format icons in the detailed interface.
4. Fix the problem that the detail screen did not refresh after data update
5. Optimize search function.
6. Optimize interface display.
7. Optimize NFO analysis.
8. Optimize part of the UI.
9. Optimize the problem that posters cannot be displayed occasionally
10. Fix the problem that setting data cannot be restored when retstoring data
11. Optimize some interface
12. Optimize the poster saving catalog
13. Optimize the problem of occasional crash problem when scaning
14. Fix the problem of devices offline occasionally
15. NFO added Clear Logo support
16. Optimized the focus control of the device list
17. Optimized the UI display of poster details
18. Fixed the problem of abnormal data if the NFO file already exists when exporting NFO
19. Added more data information of NFO files, such as trailers, directors, actors, etc.
20. Optimized the loading speed of poster images
21. Fixed the problem of unsuccessful loading of poster pictures occasionally
22. Optimized native poster image loading function
23. Optimized data restore function
24. Added TV page selection function for series.
25. Fixed the problem of incorrect display of watch history
26. Fixed the problem that Blu-ray navigation can not be selected caused by the child lock
27. Optimized TVDB synchronizationdata of TVDB series
28.Optimized TV series poster title display

File manager
1. Increase UPNP function
2. Optimize NAS boot and mount speed
3. Optimize UI display
4.Fixed the problem of incorrect playback record.

Picture manager
1. Increase network picture display
2. Add UPNP picture slideshow
3. Fix the problem that the system music does not stop when slideshow
4.Added global folder name exclusion
5.Added slide pause function by pressing OK
6. Added the switch to scan hidden files
7.Optimized display UI
8. Added the function of pressing the information button to display picture information
9. Added the function of page turning button

Quick Setting
1. Add remote control up and down key multi-function setting.
2. Increase the time setting of the bookmark function.
3. Added player bookmark settings
4. Added the default setting for the first track

Mobile APP (scan the QR code of the machine to download and update)
1. Fix the problem that the music search page cannot play music.
2. File manager adds UPNP function.
3. Optimize some UI.
4. Optimize music favourite function.
5. Added music play-list mode.

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I don’t suppose anybody has the diamond luxe gravity disc they’d be willing to let me borrow so I can get the sweet sweet atmos muxed into my 3D backup or able to send me just the uncompressed audio on it’s own from mkv/tsmuxer?

sea surfer

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I don’t suppose anybody has the diamond luxe gravity disc they’d be willing to let me borrow so I can get the sweet sweet atmos muxed into my 3D backup or able to send me just the uncompressed audio on it’s own from mkv/tsmuxer?

I should be able to do that for you ;) PM me.


hi guys, I really don't understand if zidoo Z9s is compatible with Netflix....if not it would be possible to connect a fire stick 4K to hdmi in...or maybe connect stick to avr? ....i need to see netflix through projector ( of course movies and series in 4K ) which is my unique device in 4K...thanks a lot


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1. Those 'Firesticks' (or similar) are for USB ports, not HDMI,
2. I use to get Netflix to work with the X10 (that I have), but since Netflix (and others) require a 'relationship' with the devices manufacture, it was only available in SD which was a non-starter.

Unless Zidoo is 'partnered' with these 'services' or someway has a way around that, SD would be the best if it is still possible.

Anyone else chime in here?


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Firesticks use HDMI port and powered from the USB


Perhaps you know if the Stick Is rechargeable? Or needs to be Always connect to AC? I ask because ill Need to connect a lan adaptator to that micro usb


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Lots of information on the internet about these just use your best friend GOOGLE>


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Hey guys. Just wanted to ask if there's anbody planning to get the Z10 pro? I know its got Dolby vision , what you guys think?

There is a dedicatd thread on the Z10Pro who users have jumped ship so to speak .


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New Beta Firmware out !

V2.3.60 Beta

Change logs:
1.Optimized system stability.
2.Fixed the problem that weather cannot be obtained automatically sometimes.
3.Added "Play Selection Time" function for colorful shortcut key.
4.Optimize online video streaming.

Local Player
1.Optimized the display of information user interface.
2.Added CLEARLOGO on poster wall when starting playing.
3.Optimized some language translation.
4.Optimized playback stability.
5.Fixed MKV chapter function.
6.Added the function of skipping title and cast for TV series.
7.Added time selection shortcut key.
8.Optimized more information for movies and display DV content.
9.Added title display for MKV subtitle.
10.Optimized subtitle download.

music player
1. Increase UPNP music playback function.
2. Optimize lyrics function.
3. Fix the problem that the song cannot be cut normally after playing from the file manager.
4. Optimize information acquisition in detail page.
5. Fix the problem that the cue song cannot be played when playing through the file manager
6. Fix the problem that the songs cannot be selected occasionally when playing SACD
7. Optimize lyrics searching function
8. Fix the problem that Zidoo Contoller APP cannot obtain singer information
9. Optimize the music playback interface
10. Optimized the problem that the application does not respond occasionally after adding a large number of songs
11. Optimized the problem that song list interface is stuck occasionally
12. Optimize the problem that the duration of the song cannot be obtained occasionally
13. Fix the problem that skipping to next songs when the former one is not finished
14. Optimize playback stability
15. Optimize favorite off all function.
16. Optimize the playlist.
17. Optimize the acquisition of song name.
18. Optimize the page key to switch song.
1. Fix the problem that singer information can't be displayed.
2. Fix the problem of occasional flashback when viewing singer pictures.
3. Add automatic update function.
4. Optimize CUE file acquisition.
5. Optimize the problem that the sequence of the next song is incorrect.
6. Optimize matching function.
7. Add DOP display for the current output sampling rate.
8. Fix the problem that CD playback can't switch songs.
9. Optimize playback stability.
1. Optimized the problem that the path of external devices is failed.
2. Optimized the problem that the default scan language is invalid.
3. Optimized the garbled problem.
4. Fixed the problem that music automatically stops playing occasionally.
5. Optimized CD playback.
6. Optimized the music searching function.
7. Fixed the occasional crash problem when re-matching.
8. Optimized the interface display.
9. Optimized music matching accuracy.
10. Optimized the stability of music playback.
1. Fixed the problem that DSD format bit depth was wrong.
2. Optimized the disorder code problem of several audio files.
3. Optimized the speed and accuracy for searching lyrics.
4. Optimized lyrics parsing.
5. Modified a part of the translation.
6. Optimized the singer picture interface.
7. Optimized the stability of music data parsing.
8. Optimized data acquisition on cell phone app.
9. Optimized the acquisition of local album pictures.
10. Fixed the problem that song data is not removed when storage device is removed after suspending scanning.
11. Fixed the problem that the details interface does not refresh after modifying the singer's picture.
12. Optimized playback stability.
13. Added the function to change the artist and album cover manually.
14. Optimized the background display of the playback details interface.
15. Optimized the display of album pictures.

Home Theater
1. Fix the issue that several movies cannot get trailers.
2. Add the collection sort function.
3. Optimize the function of searching TV series.
4. Optimize several user interface.
5. Optimize the matching function.
1. Fixed the problem that the collection sorting is not saved occasionally.
2. Added the collection sorting function when accessing the entrance of a movie or TV series.
3. Optimized the trailer function.
1. Optimized the settings of the scraping source.
2. Increased the duration sorting function.
3. Added TVMAZE online matching for TV series.
4. Added TVDB V4 interface function.
5. Added local trailer only setting.
6. Optimized the matching accuracy.
7. When sorting by duration, the poster will show the duration of the video.
8. Optimized scanning stability.
1. Fixed the problem that TVmaze cannot manually modify the poster.
2. Added clearlogo for TV series.
3. Fixed the problem that the poster background of certain TV series cannot be changed.
4. Optimized the problem that posters from Douban cannot be obtained.
5. Optimized application stability.
6. Optimized the matching accuracy of animation.
7. Optimized the display of poster replacement interface.
8. Modified a part of language translations.
9. Optimized TMDB matching accuracy.
10. Optimized the acquisition of trailers.
11. Fixed the issue that the trailer cannot be matched in Traditional Chinese.
12. Optimized NFO episode matching.
13. Fixed the problem of incorrect recognition of several TMDB animation.
14. Added Rotten Tomatoes score display.
15. Added the function of skipping film title and cast.
16. Added the function to play film and enter the detailed settings when clicking posters.
17. Fixed the problem that the movie will automatically skip to the end of the movie when replaying.
18. Optimized the details interface display.
19. Added PLAY button in listing interface.
20. Fixed the problem that there is no sound in trailer occasionally.
21. Added selling points in details interface.

Image Player
1. Fix the problem that the sup file is scanned.
2. Optimize wallpaper settings.

1.Added time selection shortcut key.
2.Added power off shortcut key.

1. Added beta version receiving option.
2. Optimized partial display.

Home page
1. Added shortcut options(For Z1000,X20,X20 PRO).
2. Added weather display in the right top corner of the home page (For Z1000,X20,X20 PRO,weather diaplay can disable in settings).
4. Added the application version in popup menu(For Z1000,X20,X20 PRO).

If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.


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Zidoo Owners dont get mixed up this is for the older Z10 ,Z9s etc
Model s!! Etc !!

Beta V2.3.60

MD5: E62E82640C392B911F24DACAF922D979

MD5: EE4B00AF4C0017002305C022BA84D4EB

MD5: 691F387E6CD477FD18C2ABF4B954D0D6

MD5: 7E8782D3C27E694DC7E41C0320882E2D

MD5: 079FF689DFA6B5F459D43B7216267B7D

MD5: B95468CF5EB2EF7335E35A710F645667
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