Zero 7's latest album.


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Has anyone bought Zero 7's latest album and is it any good?

Certainly takes a few listens - bit different (more electronic) than their previous offerings, but despite the lack of Sia, I really like it now :)


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I really like it. In fact i think it ranks just second to Simple Things. The Garden was a bit pretentious for my liking, so this is a nice return to form for me (When it falls was a bit dull to me, could never get into it, but many rank it highly). In fact i would say as its probably a good thing they are not using Sia any more, she's got one of the nicest voices i have ever heard, but can be a bit samey after a while - as if they were righting sound to match her voice or not trying enough new ideas. This new album has a really nice old school electro-chillout feel to it, bit Aphex Twin at times in the last half, with a more classic Zero 7 feel at the beginning. Good stuff IMO, will be buying the album on payday (listening via Napster right now) :)
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Thanks for the quick review. I'm gonna buy it soon.


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