Zeppelin and Pioneer plasma audio sync issues


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I'm trying to use the B&W Zeppelin to bolster main speaker duties under the Pioneer PDP-428XG Kuro plasma TV. Good as the Pioneer speakers are, it could do with some bolstering especially from the likes of Zeppelin's awesome capabilities with voices.

The problem I've encountered is that with the TV volume set to normal listening levels, and I turn on the Zeppelin to bolster it (to get more authority with voices), there is a discernible synching problem between the TV and Zeppelin audio. To the point it sounds like echoing. So instead of complementing each other, connected this way they interfere with the listening pleasure.

I wired them together using the default Pioneer audio stereo OUT (monitor) to Zeppelin AUX IN. I switched off all the superfluous surround sound and equaliser settings in the TV, DVD, Zeppelin. I have the TVs sub-woofer out connected to an external sub-woofer which is doing wonders to all TV watching and one of the reasons to continue to keep the TV volume at normal listening levels in parallel with the Zeppelin.

I could mute the TV audio and have the Zeppelin do all audio duties but this would also zero out the sub-woofer OUT.

I could turn down the TV volume until the echoing disappears but this would also adversely affect the sub-woofer OUT signals to the point it disappears.

I could connect the Zeppelin directly to the DVD player's stereo OUT, but this would mean missing out enjoying the setup with all other TV material (cable/freetoair) and also no sub-woofer support.

So its back down to this problem with audio sync between Pioneer and Zeppelin. Any have similar experiences and any ideas why and how to fix it?

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