Zeppelin Air issue


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i am trying to connect my Zeppelin Air up so i can use the "airplay" feature but i am having an issue.

i have followed the steps correctly, but it won't access the page when you enter the ip address.

i connected the ethernet cable, i have put the power in, pressed the power button once, the purple light flashed and is now solid purple, open up firefox or IE and type in but it just keeps telling me the page can't/won't load.

i have turned the router on and off again, have taken all the leads out etc. if i can't get airplay to work then it seems pointless having the product.

any ideas?


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ok, finally got the airplay to work (quality doesn't sound that good, is that normal?)

but now i cant get the zeppelin air to play songs from my iphone when it is docked.

i have disconnected airplay from the laptop and from the iphone, but now when you press play on the iphone when it is docked the sound just comes out of the phones speakers and not the zeppelin air.

i really wanted to like this product, but the more i play with it the less i think it is worth £399 let alone £499. i am tempted to send it back for a refund.


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Hi there tailwhip,

Have you ensured that when docking an iPhone onto the docking arm that the LED is blue in colour and not purple? There are different input modes and you need to have the Zeppelin Air in blue docking mode so that the iPhone plays when its on the arm.

Also if you have a case around the iPhone it could cause an issue, my iPhone won't play on the Zeppelin Air with my case around it - I need to remove it every time I dock, but I generally use it wirelessly via AirPlay anyway so its not an issue for me.

I have found that the sound quality is great and makes no difference if it is docked or streamed wirelessly. Does it make a difference if you play high quality files compared to lower quality files?


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thanks for the reply.

i got it all working in the end, like you said i needed to make sure the correct colour was displaying to make it play music either wirelessly or through my phone.

i do notice a difference though between docked and wireless - i think it is quite a lot louder when it is docked as well.

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